value of design forum

In conjunction with ICOGRADA’s World Graphics Day, wREGA and School of Design at KBU International College organized a student project, an exhibition and a designers forum, where professional designers, design educators and design students will have an exchange on value of design.

The theme is “The Value of Design”, and there were 5 speakers of different professions, graphic designers, jewelry designers, educators and interior designers speaking in the forum which was held on 24 April at KBU International College.

I’ve jot down some notes during the forum, they’re not complete, but I’ll just share them with you what ever I have in my notebook.

What is the value of design & why is it important?
Design is not just professional level, but integrated level. We don’t design just for a product / project, we should also look at it from the client’s point, and the consumer / audience’s views, and work with others from different professional practice.
Design is a process, it’s not just about the final work or product, the process builds up the value of the design.

People are not gonna buy design that don’t function / bad. The value is also about how well we can read the client. Understand the client’s problem / needs, and not just designing for our own pleasure. We need to have a broad knowledge, learn about the happenings around the world, read more, and not just about art and design materials in order to understand the client’s point of view.

Design is not just about money. It should be more holistic, sustainability, and able to improve life. It’s not about monetary value, but about client’s satisfaction.

Is there a tangible value of design?
The value of gold can be weighed, but what about the value of design? We can’t weight design the same way we weight gold. Some people weigh the value of design by money. Design is not just business, it’s both art & business. Designs that can make an impact and stay in people’s mind are worth millions.

Who do you think should take up the responsibility of uplifting the value of Malaysia design?
All of us! Including students.
Students of Malaysia tend to worship the designers/designs of the western world. Students should come out with an aesthetic value of identity.

Arthur Liaw (Lecturer at KBU),
Asri Ahmad (Associate Director of Mulia Events),
William Harald-Wong (Principle and Design Director of William Harald-Wong & Associates),
Muhammad Faizal (lecturer at the Interior Architecture Department, in UiTM Perak),
Wendy Lor (Jewelry Designer)

Zachary Ong (ThinkLab)