After months of not shooting weddings or events, I decided to sell off all my DSLR equipments, Nikon D7000 and lens, and got myself a lighter system, and there was the EM-5 hype and I bought it.

Last week is my first time using the EM-5 to shoot a wedding. I had some doubts like, will people belittle me for not using a big DSLR for the job? What if my camera malfunctions? But I found this link How to overcome fears using Micro 4/3rds cameras in a professional environment, and so I took the leap of faith to shoot a paid event without DSLR.

Morning session I’m the second videoman (Yie Meng’s the main videoman for morning session), and at night I’m the main photographer.

I prepared 2 bodies, EM-5 with 12-50mm kit lens and YongNuo YN560 II and EPL-5 with 45mm f1.8, I end up using only EM-5 99% most of the time.

One problem about small cameras is the grip. I find it difficult to hold with the YN-560 flash mounted on top. I plan to buy a grip when I have the extra money for it. And I need more spare batteries. I already have 3 batteries now, but I prefer to have one or two more just to be safe if I’m going to shoot for the whole day.





Using EM-5 for video

Here’s the same day edit Yie Meng did, it was played during the dinner. There’s only about 20% of footage that’s from my EM-5. Most of the footage is from Yie Meng’s Canon 60D.
Watch Ray & Terrie SDE on Vimeo.

There’s plus and minus using EM-5 for video shooting. There’s the EM-5’s in body stabilizing system, which is great for video mode. But during video recording, EM-5 can’t change exposure in manual video mode, which I find is a bit of a let down, because sometimes we move from indoor to outdoor, it’ll become overexposed. If I use auto video mode, it’ll change the exposure itself, but I still prefer manual controls.


Overall I wont say that this set of photos are great, but I give myself a passing mark. It’s been too long and I didn’t do my homework at improving my skills, if there’s another chance, I’ll do better than this.