Working with a design agency
Few weeks ago I met up with Michael Goh, from Eskaywoo. We got to know each other thru wREGA (Graphic Designers Association of Malaysia).

He contacted me and asked if I want to work with him on a small web design work. I was freaking excited about it! I’ve never been into any design agency / studios, now I can have a look inside and learn from them.

I went to his office, he showed me some of the work his company has done, after that we had a brief on the website we’re going to do. I thought I was gonna jump right to designing it in PhotoShop, but Michael introduced me to the “Mood board”. Something we create first and show to client before we start designing. (Click here to learn more about mood board.) I have to look for images that brings out the mood of the website, the client’s business. After creating the mood board and showing the client, we start doing the layout in PhotoShop, slice it, HTML and CSS it.

Other than learning the process of how they create websites, I also learned about some design business stuffs. Like how to charge my fees, how to handle some clients, etc.

I also learned that Corbis has damn expensive stock photos. xD