It’s been awhile since I’ve updated my blog. My passion for blogging was lost. My passion for design has subside a little and shifted to photography. And I’ve been brought down by procrastination and maybe a little depression. And I’m lazy. This is why I’ve stop updating this blog for a long time.

Story Time
I did not finish my graphic design course. Bad time management, unable to deliver assignment on time, so I drop out of college.

Then I met a new friend, a photographer. We started a company with a videographer doing mostly wedding day and events photography. Learned a lot from him, but later I found that we have different views and direction, I left.

During my time in college and the photography company time, I did a lot of freelance for a small income. Logos, flyers, business cards, bunting, websites, CD packaging, etc… I didn’t manage my time wisely, and procrastinate a lot, making some unsatisfied clients.

While doing freelance, I have lots of free time for myself, I lack self discipline, skill and experience. So I decided to work in an agency to learn, and also to get a more stable income.

I’m thankful that my brother introduce me to his friend, and he’s looking for people to work for him, so I went to the interview with a weak portfolio and no certificate in design, but got the job, probably because they were in their peak season and also because of my brother’s recommendation. I’ve been working here 8 months now, but still learning new things.

Why Start Updating This Blog Now?
The passion for design is still in my blood. When I see a beautiful design, and hope that I can create something like that. I’m still working in art & design industry, and I hope that I can improve my skills and art sense. And I hope that by keeping this blog, I can track my experiences, and also to keep my passion burning.