I’ve been working in an agency for a year and couple of months now, and most of the time, my creative director/boss told me to get back to fundamentals of design.

Balance, composition, repetition, perspective, colour, typography… I kinda regret for not putting more effort when I was in college to brush up my skills and art sense. Seeing works of creative students from all over the world puts me to shame. (Check out Student Show by Behance for works of awesome creative students.)

What I learned while working here:

1. Printing production knowledge is very important.
Sometimes we might think that we’re graphic designers, we only need to be in front of our computer design and give our files to the printer for them to proceed.

2. You need to have a rationale for your design.
When we design, we need to know our client. What is this design for? Can we incorporate client’s products/services into the design? We need to study the client, and their industry.

*Note: This post was written and stored on November 29, 2013. I was looking at my old websites and posts and noticed this post I made for myself, since I seldom update my art blog, I’m posting this now, it’s an unfinished post.