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Posted by on Mar 30, 2013 in Information, Photography | 15 comments

YongNuo RF-603 Nikon with EM-5

YongNuo RF-603 Nikon with EM-5

For people with YongNuo RF-603 Nikon version and wish to use it with their Olympus EM-5, you just need to do some modification to the trigger so it’ll work with your EM-5 or any other M43 cameras.

If you’ve been searching around the web, you’ve probably found that people modified the Canon version of RF-603 from DPReview Forum and Better Family Photos. Someone in the forum commented that he used conductive aluminium tape for the Nikon version and it worked. So now I’m sharing how I modified my Nikon version RF-603.

You will need:

  • Philips screwdriver (+)
  • Conductive aluminium tape

I will just skip to the part where I show you which 2 contacts to tape over.


  1. Tape across the 2 contacts as shown in the photo.
  2. I took out the pin that’s furthest inside since it’s no longer needed.
  3. I have to leave the spring in for the RF-603 to work with my EM5.
  4. Trigger activated by my EM5.

**Note: When mount on the EM-5, I have to pull it out a little for the RF-603 to work.

**The pin that’s furthest inside:

Original articles modifying the YongNuo RF-603 Canon version:
DPReview Forum
Better Family Photos


  1. thank you very much!!! it is work on my gx1 and rf-603 nikon.

  2. thank you very much!!! it is work on my gx1 and rf-603 nikon. I need pull it out a little too.

  3. That’s great! Good to hear that I’m not the only one that need to pull it out a little.

  4. Hi, I buy a PIXEL Camera Connecting Cable (model CL-L1 for Panasonic). The remote shutter and cable shutter is work. I guess it maybe work on you EM-5 with connection cable for Olympus.

  5. Thank you! This modification for the RF-603N is working on my E-M1 – up to a sync speed of 1/320! I also have to pull it out a little.

    I didn’t have any aluminum tape on hand, so I just soldered a strip of regular aluminum foil from the kitchen to the two contacts. The first time through, I didn’t remove the inner most pin and it wouldn’t work. After double checking the soldering and removing the inner most pin, it worked like a charm.

  6. Glad to know that it syncs to EM-1’s 1/320! No problem upgrading to EM1 with cheap triggers in the future now. 😀

  7. Which pin is ” furthest inside” the middle one or one of the soldered ones?

  8. This pin: remove this pin

    Added this image to the post.

  9. Than you

  10. HI Thanks for your Instructions. Unfortunately for me ( Have an OMD EM5) didn’t work. I have the Nikon version of the Y603. Did connect the same points with ALuminium tape then took the pin as well. I have tried 1,. without the Pin but leaving the spring in, 2. No pin and no spring, 3. With Pin and Spring. didn’t work with camera in all 3 variations.
    The flash( a MetZ unit compatible of olympus) works with this modifications when sent signal via the transmitter ( again an unmodified version of Y603 on top of my Fuji S5) . That Metz flash was not working before the modification. So I think Hard luck for me that my OMd is not triggering the flashes. Have to hope the Yonguo do an olympus version of this trigger soon

  11. Thank you very much!!! It works on my gx1 and rf-603 nikon. I need pull it out a little too.

  12. I guess the RF-603 Nikon version’s size is slightly different from the Canon version.

    Anyway, do share your photos with us!

  13. Awesome! Just confirmed it works with my GH3. Didn’t have any foil, so just soldered a strand of wire between the contacts, works a charm.

  14. Worked on my Olympus PEN EP-5! I didn’t have aluminum tape, so cut a same-sized strip of aluminum foil and soldered it to the two contact points. I was really afraid I might have fried the circuitry around one of the contacts while soldering, but it worked just like you described. Thank you so much!!!

  15. Thanks !!! Many Thanks !!! have just connected with wire two pins (spins) worked very well on all my cameras GH4 , Olympus M5 & M5 MK II Thanks Thanks Thanks !

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