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Posted by on Jun 3, 2018 in blog | 0 comments

Back to Basics

I’ve been working in an agency for a year and couple of months now, and most of the time, my creative director/boss told me to get back to fundamentals of design.

Balance, composition, repetition, perspective, colour, typography… I kinda regret for not putting more effort when I was in college to brush up my skills and art sense. Seeing works of creative students from all over the world puts me to shame. (Check out Student Show by Behance for works of awesome creative students.)

What I learned while working here:

1. Printing production knowledge is very important.
Sometimes we might think that we’re graphic designers, we only need to be in front of our computer design and give our files to the printer for them to proceed.

2. You need to have a rationale for your design.
When we design, we need to know our client. What is this design for? Can we incorporate client’s products/services into the design? We need to study the client, and their industry.

*Note: This post was written and stored on November 29, 2013. I was looking at my old websites and posts and noticed this post I made for myself, since I seldom update my art blog, I’m posting this now, it’s an unfinished post.

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Shooting with an Infrared Filter (IR72)

Shooting with an Infrared Filter (IR72)

I used to think that infrared photography can only be achieve with a modified camera. Recently, my friend showed me a filter on eBay and told me that it can be used to shoot infrared photography. I wasn’t sure at first, so I went to do some searching and found some people use Hoya IR72 filter with their Olympus EM-5 camera, so I bought a cheap 52mm IR720 filter without any brand to go with my 12-50 kit lens, reason I choose the 52mm is because I was gonna buy a Olympus 9-18mm lens, it has the same filter size with the kit lens.

I learned the post-processing technique from dpreview forums. Click here to visit the forum post.

From the forum post, gidferrer suggested to set white balance to 2000. I shot RAW for these images, so that it’s easier for me to change the white balance later.

Here’s the first OK shot using the filter.

From camera:


Here’s 2 shots I took in the afternoon on the same day:

From camera:


From camera:


Not too bad. But lots of noise. I’m not sure if it’s because of the high ISO, or because it’s heavily edited. And I also noticed there’s a hotspot at the center of the image, not sure how to get rid of it, maybe I need better lens or better IR filter?

Here’s another 2 I shot when going to Fraser’s Hill:



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First Time Using Olympus OMD EM-5 for Wedding Dinner

First Time Using Olympus OMD EM-5 for Wedding Dinner

After months of not shooting weddings or events, I decided to sell off all my DSLR equipments, Nikon D7000 and lens, and got myself a lighter system, and there was the EM-5 hype and I bought it.

Last week is my first time using the EM-5 to shoot a wedding. I had some doubts like, will people belittle me for not using a big DSLR for the job? What if my camera malfunctions? But I found this link How to overcome fears using Micro 4/3rds cameras in a professional environment, and so I took the leap of faith to shoot a paid event without DSLR.

Morning session I’m the second videoman (Yie Meng’s the main videoman for morning session), and at night I’m the main photographer.

I prepared 2 bodies, EM-5 with 12-50mm kit lens and YongNuo YN560 II and EPL-5 with 45mm f1.8, I end up using only EM-5 99% most of the time.

One problem about small cameras is the grip. I find it difficult to hold with the YN-560 flash mounted on top. I plan to buy a grip when I have the extra money for it. And I need more spare batteries. I already have 3 batteries now, but I prefer to have one or two more just to be safe if I’m going to shoot for the whole day.





Using EM-5 for video

Here’s the same day edit Yie Meng did, it was played during the dinner. There’s only about 20% of footage that’s from my EM-5. Most of the footage is from Yie Meng’s Canon 60D.
Watch Ray & Terrie SDE on Vimeo.

There’s plus and minus using EM-5 for video shooting. There’s the EM-5’s in body stabilizing system, which is great for video mode. But during video recording, EM-5 can’t change exposure in manual video mode, which I find is a bit of a let down, because sometimes we move from indoor to outdoor, it’ll become overexposed. If I use auto video mode, it’ll change the exposure itself, but I still prefer manual controls.


Overall I wont say that this set of photos are great, but I give myself a passing mark. It’s been too long and I didn’t do my homework at improving my skills, if there’s another chance, I’ll do better than this.

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My Tumblr Blog: 1day1design

My Tumblr Blog: 1day1design

Back in 2011, I heard a friend says he try to design 1 thing a day, and his design sense improved gradually.

So, I thought I will give it a try and came out with 1day1design.




It didn’t last long. Like another failed project just like this blog. I am lazy. The designs are random. Sometimes I use it to express my feelings or thoughts, some are just abstract. Sometimes mix my photos into the design.





I’ll try to continue this project once I got my work and personal life more organized. Practice makes perfect, I hope to improve more and produce interesting art.

You can follow my Tumblr blog,, and I’ll follow yours too.

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Confessions of a Failed Blogger and Designer

It’s been awhile since I’ve updated my blog. My passion for blogging was lost. My passion for design has subside a little and shifted to photography. And I’ve been brought down by procrastination and maybe a little depression. And I’m lazy. This is why I’ve stop updating this blog for a long time.

Story Time
I did not finish my graphic design course. Bad time management, unable to deliver assignment on time, so I drop out of college.

Then I met a new friend, a photographer. We started a company with a videographer doing mostly wedding day and events photography. Learned a lot from him, but later I found that we have different views and direction, I left.

During my time in college and the photography company time, I did a lot of freelance for a small income. Logos, flyers, business cards, bunting, websites, CD packaging, etc… I didn’t manage my time wisely, and procrastinate a lot, making some unsatisfied clients.

While doing freelance, I have lots of free time for myself, I lack self discipline, skill and experience. So I decided to work in an agency to learn, and also to get a more stable income.

I’m thankful that my brother introduce me to his friend, and he’s looking for people to work for him, so I went to the interview with a weak portfolio and no certificate in design, but got the job, probably because they were in their peak season and also because of my brother’s recommendation. I’ve been working here 8 months now, but still learning new things.

Why Start Updating This Blog Now?
The passion for design is still in my blood. When I see a beautiful design, and hope that I can create something like that. I’m still working in art & design industry, and I hope that I can improve my skills and art sense. And I hope that by keeping this blog, I can track my experiences, and also to keep my passion burning.

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wREGA Forum: The Value of design

wREGA Forum: The Value of design

value of design forum

In conjunction with ICOGRADA’s World Graphics Day, wREGA and School of Design at KBU International College organized a student project, an exhibition and a designers forum, where professional designers, design educators and design students will have an exchange on value of design.

The theme is “The Value of Design”, and there were 5 speakers of different professions, graphic designers, jewelry designers, educators and interior designers speaking in the forum which was held on 24 April at KBU International College.

I’ve jot down some notes during the forum, they’re not complete, but I’ll just share them with you what ever I have in my notebook.

What is the value of design & why is it important?
Design is not just professional level, but integrated level. We don’t design just for a product / project, we should also look at it from the client’s point, and the consumer / audience’s views, and work with others from different professional practice.
Design is a process, it’s not just about the final work or product, the process builds up the value of the design.

People are not gonna buy design that don’t function / bad. The value is also about how well we can read the client. Understand the client’s problem / needs, and not just designing for our own pleasure. We need to have a broad knowledge, learn about the happenings around the world, read more, and not just about art and design materials in order to understand the client’s point of view.

Design is not just about money. It should be more holistic, sustainability, and able to improve life. It’s not about monetary value, but about client’s satisfaction.

Is there a tangible value of design?
The value of gold can be weighed, but what about the value of design? We can’t weight design the same way we weight gold. Some people weigh the value of design by money. Design is not just business, it’s both art & business. Designs that can make an impact and stay in people’s mind are worth millions.

Who do you think should take up the responsibility of uplifting the value of Malaysia design?
All of us! Including students.
Students of Malaysia tend to worship the designers/designs of the western world. Students should come out with an aesthetic value of identity.

Arthur Liaw (Lecturer at KBU),
Asri Ahmad (Associate Director of Mulia Events),
William Harald-Wong (Principle and Design Director of William Harald-Wong & Associates),
Muhammad Faizal (lecturer at the Interior Architecture Department, in UiTM Perak),
Wendy Lor (Jewelry Designer)

Zachary Ong (ThinkLab)

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